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<span;>Day 7
<span;>Today we had a lokal herb day. The grannys from Pefo made time for us to show us local herbs, wich they are using for tea, medicine and also for soap. At first they told us what all the herbs are being used for and how they are called in their local language. After that we started with the soap proces. We pounded the herbs and after that we put the herbs in hot water. We boiled them until we had a hard mass to put in the soap form. They even showed the girls a special soap. The soap also came with a funny explanation. My personal highlight were two things. The first thing was that they took Henri and put his head in herbwater so that his headache could go away. The next one was that the grannies started singing to celebrate the finishing touches of the soap. It was nice hearing their voices because you could hear that they are happy even tho most of them still struggle. Overall the day was very informativ and we had a lot of fun.