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Today was a special day for Uganda and we celebrated it with the Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S. – it was Uganda 61 – we heard it a lot while the day. In October 9th 1962 Uganda got independent from Great Britain. During this celebration ceremony they also celebrated the winner of the house cup – interesting was the price, they don’t got a trophy they won a half bull, which was slaughtered right after announcement. The second and third house got the second half.  When we toured the ground we thought the bull was a great mascot… what a mistake 🙈

At the end of celebration they gave awards to the school prefects – Schülervertretung – who did the best work in the gone year. Anka did a great job handing out certificates.

After having a real school lunch we visited Jinja – even there the streets were mud roads or with a lot of potholes. One group looked around the craftshops and another was leaded by our driver Kasim to a metal workplace who they recycled old tins, gas cans or plates to make cakeforms, boxes, oil candles and coal stoves.