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It was a balmy Saturday morning when the German students were given a warm welcome by the Ugandan students. This was after a long period of about a year since everyone met his/her friend face to face. Indeed everyone one saturated with happiness seeing each other again.

The day then began with an entertainment performed by the grand’s . Everyone danced and shook the waist perfectly even though some could not. But, they really enjoyed the day.

In a fraction of a second after som rest, we visited the farm within. This was when some of the German students saw and got to know the Matooke(bananas) they ate for lunch, they also saw the different pigs in their different sizes, thereafter we fed a cow and some of the students had a lot of experience in that.

Later we played football where the Ugandan students versed the German students. At the end of it all, it was 3-2 in favor of the German students because one of the Ugandan students scored himself and yet it he had just joined the game. They were filled with happiness and joy after getting a win.

Lastly, one of the German students came up with another game called “the hide and seek” where all of us hid and we were supposed to be looked for by one person…. All in All, the day was very marvelous and colorful😂😍🥰