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Project idea

Especially in the current time, it is important to make friends that know no boundaries and open your horizon. When young people experience that the world is more than their comfort zone, they will often strive to make the world a better place throughout their entire life.


In the last two years, the topic of health has occupied the whole world, but little has been said about healthy lifestyles. We want to change this and at the same time show the students how different the concepts of life are. Especially through youth exchange programs between countries of the Global North and the Global South, young people learn a new empathy and a better understanding for each other and that different aspects play a different role in their lifes. 


The aim is to convey that every human being can make a difference for himself but also for our planet. And being healthy is one of the important things to watch out for. That is how our project name came about: 



Project Plans

The project will start in June 2022 and will end in December 2023. I.e., in the next 1.5 years, 10 students from Lueneburg, Germany as well as 10 students from Jinja, Uganda will experience different concepts in dealing with health and well-being and develop them themselves. The focus is set to be on one’s own life and life on our planet. The projects are deepened by two exchange periods, during which the students get to know each other better and gain insights into each other’s lives, like the program “Trees for education”.

The basis for this is the so-called SDG 3 (“Good health and well-being”), which is part of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Project Governance

The project is carried out by VIA e.V. as a partner in Germany and PEFO as a partner in Uganda. Both organizations are very experienced in the international cooperation of volunteers and are financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The funding is part of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. It aids youth groups from Germany and from the southern hemisphere to organize and execute joint projects and bilateral exchange. We would like to be part of this and take the opportunity.

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During their stay in Germany, a group of participants addressed the
topic of mental health and how to deal with stressful situations.
Their main aim was to raise awareness about mental health and pass on
valuable tips and advice to their fellow students on how to look after
their mental health.

Some people have studied various stress types and how they can impact
health- both physically and mentally.
In the video, they provide insight on the effects of different stress
factors on wellbeing. Additionally, tips on how to lower stress levels
are given.

During their visit, a group centred on the subject of healthy eating and
nutrition. The main focus was on the exchange of cultural food between
Uganda and Germany. The video clip grants a glimpse into the cooking
procedure. The resulting recipe book is available for viewing here.


In the second exchange, some of the participants dealt intensively with
the question what happiness is and what factors are necessary to be
A comparison was conducted between Uganda and Germany to analyse how
happiness is perceived in different cultures, considering various
perspectives and influences.

OUR Project partner


Enjoying the last day with the final presentations and farewell dinner

It was a day like other days but very different from all the days when we had our final presentations and also the last dinner together.At first everyone had to choose their best picture and also tell the major reasons for choosing that picture.This time,some of the...

Agroecology workshop

Today we had a theoratical workshop/lesson about agroecology. It was presented by a local farmer whos job it is to educate farmers about agroecology. At first we got introduced to the topic with a graphic about the population rise and the problems coming with it....

Learning about the role of the village health teams

The students were able to learn the role of the village health teams.They were told that these health teams help in sensitising the commmunity about diffrerent,telling the people on anti retroviral drugs to go and pick them in time and also to tell thee...

<span;>Day 7 <span;>Today we had a lokal herb day. The grannys from Pefo made time for us to show us local herbs, wich they are using for tea, medicine and also for soap. At first they told us what all the herbs are being used for and how they are called...

Swimming as a health activity at the beach(coconut beach)in Busia

We woke up and we had our break fast at 8:20am After our break fast we had a reflection moment together with the German students and also knowing what we should improve next week and after reflection,some students joined Mr Ojambo Justin to learn how to rear and catch...

Friday,13|10| 2023

It was really a nice day that we enjoyed.on this day we went to the TASO office In jinja town. Students were able to learn more about aids and got to know the founders of TASO. The Germany students learnt the ways how people get aids and knew the prevention of the...

Wow, what a day!

Today was our first day of really exploring Uganda. After a delicious African breakfast we did a long bicycle tour through the villages, leat by some natives. It started with a dance at a church service. Even though we’re surely not that great dancers, we felt very...

Tag 4 – Independence Day 61

Today was a special day for Uganda and we celebrated it with the Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S. - it was Uganda 61 - we heard it a lot while the day. In October 9th 1962 Uganda got independent from Great Britain. During this celebration ceremony they also celebrated the...

School Day 🙂

Today we went to the school of Patricia. We were able to attend different classes there and experience everyday school life. It was very different from the school in Germany because they used different materials and there were many students in one class. It was a good...

Our trip to Uganda – first day

Our day started really early. We met at 7:30 at the Hamburg airport, where we started our journey sleepily. We landed in Turkey at 2 p.m. and spent the afternoon there. We finally get on the plane to Uganda at 6:40 p.m. Only the landing in Ruanda, where everyone was...


It was a balmy Saturday morning when the German students were given a warm welcome by the Ugandan students. This was after a long period of about a year since everyone met his/her friend face to face. Indeed everyone one saturated with happiness seeing each other...

Vorfreude steigt – auf zum Viktoriasee

In wenigen Tagen ist es so weit und unsere große Reise kann beginnen. Schon im vergangenen Herbst besuchten uns 10 Schüler*innen aus Jinja, Uganda, mit zwei Begleitpersonen von PEFO. Nach vielen Eindrücken und spannenden Erlebnissen hier in Lüneburg, steht vom 06. bis...



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